BLOG: threezero 1/6 RoboCop EM-208 – Prototype Shots

threezero 1/6 RoboCop EM-208 - Prototype Shots It hasn’t been that long since the recent RoboCop reboot was shown in cinemas. Not really sure how the movie fared in the box office, but that doesn’t stop designer toy company threezero from dishing out figures from the feature film.

After RoboCop 1.0/3.0 and ED-209 comes EM-208, the drones prominently seen in the movie and was used by OmniCorp for law enforcement before rolling out RoboCop.

As expected from threezero, the figure boasts copious amounts of detail with multiple layers of panels on top of a mechanical frame. Based on these images, the figure will come with two pistols for accessories.

Release and price information hasn’t been revealed as of yet.


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