BLOG: E2046 – Gathering 1/100 RX-93-2 Hi Nu Gundam

E2046 - Gatheting 1/100 RX-93-2 Hi Nu Gundam Here’s another awesome-looking Gathering kit from the fine folks at E2026. This is the Hi Nu Gundam in one of its many design variations.

Speaking of design variations, this one can be pretty familiar to some as it was the basis for Model Comprehend’s 1/144 Hi Nu Gundam (or Gundoom). But then again, that was in 1/144 scale so 1/100 scale collectors will be pleased with this one.

Like most E2046 Gathering releases, this kit will feature top notch detail and paintwork as evident in the white to purple gradient on the fin funnels. It will also come with a display stand though it looks like the fin funnels can’t be deployed.

  • Gathering 1/100 RX-93-2 Hi Nu Gundam
    Release Information: $229.49
    Pre-order via E2046

2 responses

  1. Beautiful…

    2014.02.25 at 11:26 AM

  2. Yes it is, though quite expensive.

    2014.02.25 at 1:33 PM

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