BLOG: E2046 – 1/100 A-Toll ESSQ Scritti

E2046 - 1/100 A-Toll ESSQ Scritti MECHA CATALOGUE partner site and resin kit retailer E2046 has some very interesting kits on sale, one of which is this gorgeous Mortar Headd from Mamoru Nagano’s Five Star Stories.

As gorgeous as these designs are, one easy deterrent for most mecha enthusiasts from getting into these kits is the complex build process. That’s where E2046 comes to the rescue with this 1/100 scale prepainted A-Toll ESSQ Scritti kit.

It stands 26 cm tall and requires minimal assembly. It might not be poseable, but this is one of those designs that need not be posed to appreciate the majestic design.

  • 1/100 A-Toll ESSQ Scritti
    Discounted Price: $289.99 $188.49
    Order via E2046

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