BLOG: Today’s Robits – December 2013

Today's Robits - December 2013 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s hobby loot.

Finally got something to post ever since 2014 began… and it’s related to 2013! Anywho, the robits (and book) that came last December were all Gundam-centric. And could be easily divided as UC and non-UC stuff.

Starting off the UC stuff is the next installment of this ever-gorgeous thing Vertical Inc. is doing called Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN… DUH! This was just the push this collector needed to finish Vol.3 and it was so worth it. Definitely looking forward to reading this one.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Vol.4 – Jaburo

Today's Robits - December 2013 Yup, those are HGUC kits of two lead Gundams.

HGUC Gundam Ez8 was released in the first half of 2013 though was able to order it only in July. Then it stayed in HLJ’s Private Warehouse for a couple of months. Then it arrived late due to the brouhaha that happens when things arrive before the holidays.

On the other hand, this copy of the HGUC Victory Gundam was picked up from a local hobby store. Won’t be using this kit to pick up ladies though, unlike Ricardo Fellini in Gundam Build Fighters… Because another kit will be bought for that purpose! **Insert Evil Laugh**

  • HGUC 1/144 | RX-79[G]Ez-8 GUNDAM Ez8
  • HGUC 1/144 | LM312V04 VICTORY GUNDAM
Today's Robits - December 2013 The non-UC stuff of this batch are these two kits. They’re also part of that delayed HLJ shipment.

As of now, these were the last kits, along with Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina, to be released under the High Grade Gundam SEED line before the High Grade Cosmic Era (HGCE) line starts this February with the Aile Strike Gundam.

Being the latest kits in the line, these two feature the same level of engineering that modern High Grades have. This will also be perfect as comparison pieces for this CATALOGUE Entry.


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