BLOG: Today’s Robits – October 2013

Today's Robits - October 2013 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s hobby loot.

If you’re one of those looking for the RIOBOT Delphine 2nd Form figure (i.e. the first RIOBOT figure), chances are you’ve long realized that it has been long discontinued and demanding ridiculous prices in the after-market. Then AmiAmi recently opened its store for pre-owned items similar to Mandarake on a smaller scale. And the rest is as seen here.

Oh and there’s the 1/144 Valvrave I Hito model kit too, because it’s from Valvrave the Liberator — that’s enough reason to get the kit.

  • 1/144 | RM-011 VALVRAVE I HITO

Today's Robits - October 2013 The next two items can be best described as the prime representation of how High Grade 1/144 scale kits have evolved since 1997. Starting with New Mobile Report Gundam W Dual Story G-UNIT, Bandai has brought back the High Grade designation to the 1/144 scale after the introduction of the Master Grade line. That said, these High Grades had engineering on par with the “no grade” 1/144 kits released prior.Fast forward 16 years into 2013 and Bandai has that much confidence in their engineering that they’ve launched the HG All Gundam Project which aims to get all lead Gundams represented in High Grade 1/144 scale, starting with New Mobile Report Gundam W. That’s pretty much a full circle right there.

Today's Robits - October 2013 Last and certainly not the least are these two Real Grades (“Burnern”, really?). Like the RX-78-2 Gundam, both have working Core Fighter units. Unlike the RX-78-2 Gundam, both don’t include a replacement core block for displaying the Core Fighters outside of the mobile suits.Many have found these two kits to be inferior to the Gundam Mk-II by just a step. However. many also found flaws in the shoulder units and how easy it can be dislodged from the main torso, most likely because of the Core Fighter gimmick.

  • RG 1/144 | RX-78GP01-Fb GUNDAM GP01Fb FULL BURNERN

Should probably start building these Real Grades by now before the whole line itself becomes a backlog.


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