BLOG: Today’s Robotic Armor Suits

Today's Robotic Armor Suits This is Today’s Robits Robotic Armor Suits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions inspired by the awesomeness that is IRON MAN!

These are in anticipation for the upcoming S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark VI, and Figma Iron Man Mark VII releases, under the impression that these are going to be in scale with Hasbro’s 6" figures.

Hasbro released a wave of Iron Man 3 Marvel Legends figures as part of the Build-a-Figure Collection featuring Iron Monger. Iron Man 2 on the other hand had a special 6" line as the Marvel Legends line was on a hiatus back then.

  • IRON MAN 2 Movie Series | IRON MAN MARK V

Today's Robotic Armor Suits The next two items are more of the comic book grounded armors.

While Hasbro gained the right to produce figures of Marvel characters back in 2007, the Marvel Legends line went on a hiatus in 2009 and made a return three years after. The first wave of the relaunched line included Extremis Iron Man as part of the Build-a-Figure Collection featuring Terrax

The other one is much more recognizable armor as it appeared in the old Iron Man animated series back in the 90’s. Dubbed as the Neo-Classics Armor, the release didn’t include parts for a Build-a-Figure and instead came with modular stand that was also seen in the Avengers movie line.

Today's Robotic Armor Suits As mentioned earlier, Hasbro gained the right to produce Marvel figures from Toy Biz in 2007. Prior to this acquisition, the Marvel Legends line had finger joints, included a comic-book pack in, and removable face masks/helmet pieces for the Iron Man figures.

Ultimate Iron Man is part of the initial wave of Marvel Legends figures released by Hasbro and does away with most of the features from the Toy Biz releases, except for the removable helmet gimmick.


As far as these Marvel Legends figure purchases go, they will be limited to those produced by Hasbro for consistency with the more recent releases.


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