BLOG: Spring 2013 Mecha Animation Series

Spring 2013 Mecha Animation Series Being a collector of models and figures of various mecha doesn’t necessarily equate to loyally following its source fiction. Heck, aside from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE, really haven’t had the time to start, let alone finish, some recent and old series like Aquarion EVOL, Eureka Seven AO or even HEROMAN.

However, this season is different as three mecha series have premiered and they’re all very promising. So yeah, looking forward to this season’s shows!

  • Valvrave the Liberator
  • Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet
  • Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince

As far as the merchandise goes, Valvrave model kits are set for release starting this April while the "machine caliber" Chamber from Gargantia has been revealed as well.


2 responses

  1. I’m really intrigued to see Valvrave. Looks to be the best of this year’s bunch.

    2013.04.14 at 5:28 AM

  2. Yeah, it’s like combining Gundam with Code Geass or something, and the animation is just visually amazing! You should totally watch it.

    2013.04.14 at 12:43 PM

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