BLOG: Variable Action Jizuri Suzaku

Variable Action Jizurisuzaku Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere is one of those epic-scaled stories that while very promising, hasn’t really caught the attention of this collector. Managed to watch the first episode however and one thing was certain — large humanoid machines exist in this fiction! And while not really a mecha series per se, it’s still there.

Having not watched the series also meant that this collector has absolutely no idea what the name of this thing is.

After going through several wikis and what not, the name of this God of War (that’s what the mecha in this fiction are called) is the Jizurisuzaku, literally meaning Earth-splitting Suzaku.

So in MegaHouse’s tradition of bring the more obscure mecha in figure form, here’s the Juzurisuzaku as part of their Variable Action line. Yes, it’s a female humanoid mecha complete with hair and prominent female physique characteristics.

Will probably not get this figure at its initial release but possibly at a much later time — all for the sake of representing the fiction in the CATALOGUE.

  • Variable Action Jizurisuzaku
    Release Date: June 2013
    Price: ¥8,500
    Image via Mechanical Japan

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