BLOG: HGUC Mobile Suit Variation (MSV)

HGUC Mobile Suit Variation (MSV) Similar to the previous year’s HGUC Delta Gundam release, this version of the Zaku II also comes from a variation series. But this time around, it is the original Mobile Suit Variation (MSV).

It may just be the MSV logo printed on the box, but this presents a few possible HGUC releases, now that Mobile Suit Gundam UC only has two episodes left (not to say that they can’t milk that OVA any further).

Going to "Hopers & Dreamers" territory (thank you Gundamn @ MAHQ), mobile suits such as the Full Armor Gundam or the Perfect Gundam may see the light of day as HGUC kits. Heck, they’re already following this release with the Shin Matsunaga Zaku II, though just a recolor/remold.

Definitely looking forward to more MSV kits.

  • HGUC 1/144 Zaku II Black Tri-Stars Ver.
    Release Date: February 2013
    Price: ¥1,600

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