BLOG: Hasbro’s Official Statement on TRANSFORMERS PRIME First Edition

As we greatly value our TRANSFORMERS fans and consumers, we appreciate the opportunity to clarify and explain the current situation with TRANSFORMERS PRIME First Edition figure availability in the U.S.

We very much apologize for the miscommunication with our great retailers in the U.S. Regrettably, as a result, the TRANSFORMERS PRIME First Edition Wave 2 Deluxe, Wave 1 Voyager and Entertainment Pack figures were posted for pre-sale in error. Final product was not produced for these figures to ship within the U.S. As such, any consumer who placed a pre-sale order with Big Bad Toy Store or Entertainment Earth in the U.S. received a note that their order had been cancelled and these orders will not be fulfilled. While it is common for Hasbro to cancel production and/or shipment of collectible figures prior to being listed for pre-sale, this particular situation was unique. We deeply regret this circumstance and understand your frustration.

We would also like to express that we hear the fan community in the U.S. loud and clear – you want these specific TRANSFORMERS PRIME First Edition figures. While we can’t confirm anything at this time, and the format in which these figures are packaged and distributed may change, the team is looking into ways to make these available at a later date in the U.S. and will keep the fan community and our retailers posted as opportunities develop. We want to make this right, and making these figures available to the U.S. fans is a top priority for the team. We greatly appreciate your understanding and ongoing enthusiasm for the brand and hope in the mean time, you enjoy the TRANSFORMERS PRIME figures that are hitting shelves now and in the coming weeks.

The western Transformers community has been on a rush to acquire TRANSFORMERS PRIME First Edition figures lately as news of them being cancelled in the U.S. is spreading like wildfire.

It also doesn’t help that the new main line — TRANSFORMERS PRIME Robots In Disguise — which has started to appear in stores is getting mixed reactions, especially when compared to the quality of the former.

In response, HASBRO released a statement that addresses the current status and future plans for the First Edition figures. Though this doesn’t necessarily answer the better international market release, their statement is still very much appreciated.

  • Credits: Hasbro

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