BLOG: Armor Girls Project (AGP)

IS (Infinite Stratos) | Cecilia Alcott in BLUE TEARS

The Japanese Mecha genre has this subset that’s comprised of scantly-clad women in highly sophisticated armor, while still exposing most of their bodies. This all started with Mika Akitaka’s series of “MS Girls” illustrations and ever since then, characters and entire series have been produced based on the same concept.

Predictably, Bandai capitalizes on that niche and has samples of figures from their new “Armor Girls Project (AGP)” on display at today’s Tamashii Nations event. On a related note, the COMPOSITE Ver.Ka. line will still continue dishing out armored “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” characters in the same vein as their SOS-! Haruhi Robot release.

The question now is… Will any of these figures appear in the CATALOGUE?


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