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BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2015 – PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter

Max Factory - PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter The 2014 animated feature Expelled From Paradise seems to be gaining steam recently if appearances at Wonder Festival Summer 2015 is used as basis. Though this presence is mostly through various merchandise of the heroine Angela Balzac or the machine she uses, Arhan.

Max Factory seems to have noticed this and decided to include Frontier Setter in their PLAMAX line. He’s initially introduced as the villain and the reason behind Angela’s mission on Earth. Turns out he’s actually a good (and quirky) guy as evident in his robotic form.

The prototype kit looks good detail-wise though it also has hollow parts that need to be filled up. No release dates as of yet though this is a good companion piece to the upcoming Variable Action New Arhan.

BLOG: HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack] – Box Art

HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack] - Box Art It would seem that the GUNDAM Reconguista in G High Grade line is nearing, or has reached, conclusion with the HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]. Aside from the Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive HG Gundam G-Self [Reflector Pack], there’s no more announcement of any new kits from the series, not even Master Grades of the lead Gundams. Add to that the upcoming premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

As for the kit itself, it’s pretty much the same core body as any previously released G-Self High Grade. The Perfect Pack also looks like to be color accurate with the exception of those yellow highlights on the clear blue shield.

Should really build one of these G-Self kits before the new Gundam series starts.

  • HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]
    Release Information: Aug. 2015 · ¥2,700
    Image via Amazon Japan

BLOG: RG Wing Gundam Zero EW – Work in Progress #2

RG Wing Gundam Zero EW – Work in Progress #2 Finally managed to continue building the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW after a couple of weeks worth of monsoon rains and so far, it’s looking pretty great.

Just completed the main backpack assembly and attached the two smaller wing assemblies. One of the problems that plagued the old 1997 HG model is that these pylons tend to get loose over time, it also doesn’t help that the wings are heavy by themselves. Not sure if the same was done for the MG, but they employed a simple ratchet system for this kit. And by simple meant that the parts just have very small ridges to which the part in contact has a notch for the additional friction.

Hoping to complete this kit by month’s end and might do the HGUC Pale Rider seen here afterwards, or not.

BLOG: RG Gundam Astray Red Frame – Promotional Video

Okay, this sets the bar as the most bad ass promotional video for a Gunpla, or any other model kit for that matter, ever… in English!

So just a month before its release, Bandai uploads this awesome video for the RG Gundam Astray Red Frame. According to the video, its internal frame is modeled after the human skeleton to provide the most natural and widest range of movement. That said, this collector is particularly distracted by how they did the vents on the face place as it appears a little too large. Though the more one sees it, the more it grows to one’s liking.

A new reality compressed to a 1/144 scale indeed.

BLOG: HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]

HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack] Speaking of the G-Self, here’s another High Grade — this time of the non-exclusive Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]. As previously mentioned, it’s essentially the same G-Self kit released before but instead uses a plethora of clear parts as backpack.

For those who haven’t seen GUNDAM Reconguista in G (that’s totally a valid reason given how the series went, more in a future post), the Perfect Pack combines the features of all backpack units into one through the unexplained capabilities of photon-based technology — thus the use of so much clear parts.

Not really digging the design but will nonetheless get this kit as a completionist.

  • HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]
    Release Information: Aug. 2015 · ¥2,700
    Image via TAG Hobby


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