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BLOG: ‘Revive’ HGUC Qubeley & Gundam Mk-II [Titans] Revealed

'Revive' HGUC Qubeley & Gundam Mk-II [Titans] Gunpla Expo (Gundam Plamodel Exposition) Japan Tour 2015 is being held across Japan for the whole year and features upcoming Gunpla from Bandai Hobby Division. It’s currently in Sapporo from Aug.8 to Sept.13. [Official Website]

Kicking off the event are two more ‘Revive’ HGUC kits, both from Mobile Suit Z Gundam. Everyone was expecting the Gundam Mk-II in Titans colors, the Qubeley seem to have came out of nowhere. In any case, does this mean that a revived HGUC Zeta Gundam is also in the works, especially given the recently released HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam mold?

  • HGUC Qubeley
    Release Information: Dec. 2015 · ¥1,800
  • HGUC Gundam Mk-II [Titans]
    Release Information: Nov. 2015 · ¥1,500

Images via TAG Hobby

BLOG: Plastic Crack – HGCE Freedom Gundam Custom Kit

Plastic Crack - HGCE Freedom Gundam Custom Set This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

Still not a video review but whatever. When the Freedom Gundam Flame Feder was revealed, all this collector took from that color scheme was ‘meh’. Didn’t bother getting the Hobby Japan custom kit because of that.

Then this guy made a build based on the original Freedom Gundam colors. Not saying that this collector can do the same level of paint job, but this color scheme is more manageable, with only a few highlights here and there. Might eventually get the Custom Kit, and later another copy of the HGCE Freedom Gundam, because of this.

BLOG: HGBF Super Fumina – Colored Prototype Shots

HGBF Super Fumina - Colored Prototype Shots So the Gunpla gods have spoken and they wanted a Super Fumina kit so Bandai Hobby undoubtedly obliged. Now unlike regular Gunpla kits which represent machines, this is technically under mecha musume which are meant to be cute and would be an utter failure otherwise.

The build and engineering behind this kit will probably be along the lines of the Figure-Rise 6 line of smaller 6-inch model kits, though none of those kits featured an actual human head. Those came in with the MG Figure-Rise line instead. Also wondering if they’ll engineer in a soft torso section using the squashable plastic type as seen in the recently released Action Funassyi kit. Just have to wait and see how Bandai will do this.

  • HGBF Super Fumina
    Release Information: Nov. 2015 · ¥1,800
    Image via GUNDAM GUY

BLOG: HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos – Bandai Hobby Preview

HG Gundam Barbatos - Bandai Hobby Preview Still a couple of months away before the next Gundam series Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS premieres, and the Gunpla are released. As the marketing for the series is in full swing, Bandai Hobby decided to give the Gunpla enthusiasts a treat as they’ve started to stream a 5-minute preview for the HG Gundam Barbatos.

Compared to previous High Grades, they took a different approach with Gundam Barbatos in terms of aesthetics, engineering, and functionality. Now these ain’t just model kit gimmicks like those from the HGBF/HGBC lines as these are actually integrated to the plot. This in turn adds another layer of depth and play pattern to otherwise simple model kits.

Technically the video is unavailable outside Japan but was able to view it after some fiddling. So here are screen captures to make better sense of what this new kit has to offer.

Continue Reading: HG 1/144 Gundam Barbatos – Bandai Hobby Preview

BLOG: Chara Hobby 2015 C3 x Hobby – MG Altron Gundam EW

Chara Hobby 2015 C3 x Hobby - MG Altron Gundam EW Chara Hobby 2015 C3 x Hobby is Japan’s largest character and hobby event. It will be held from August 22-23 at Makuhari Messe Halls 1-3 in Tokyo and will feature industry exhibits and live shows. [Official Website]

Capping off the Gundam stuff from this year’s Chara Hobby is a kit that was actually revealed during Gunpla Expo World Tour 2015 Korea. Took them quite a while but Bandai has finally decided to release the MG Altron Gundam EW as a Bandai Hobby Online Shop exclusive. As for those physically impossible endless dragon fangs, this kit will take the HG route and include multiple segments. All that’s left are the upgraded Heavyarms and Sandrock units.

  • MG Altron Gundam EW
    Reservation Start: Aug. 24, 2015
    Release Information: Nov. 2015 · ¥4,500
    Image via Dengeki Hobby Web


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