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BLOG: Wave – Non-Scale "Space Settlement"

Wave - Non-Scale "Space Settlement" Bandai has been producing a ton of Gunpla for almost 35 years now, but they haven’t done a kit for one of the most iconic structures in the Gundam franchise, specifically from the Universal Century. The structures that enabled the evolution into Newtypes — the Space Colony.

To the uninformed, these space colonies are actually based on real-life theoretical designs — the O’Neill Cylinders — and those that appear in the Universal Century are known as the "Island Three" configuration.

Anyway, Wave is stepping in by releasing a "Space Settlement" kit. Remember that this isn’t a Bandai release so use of adhesives may be required.

  • Non-Scale Space Settlement
    Release Information: Jan. 2015 · ¥3,600
    Article via TAG Hobby
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BLOG: Upcoming HGBF & HGBC Releases

Upcoming HGBF & HGBC Releases Going back to official stuff, with Gundam Build Fighters Try premiering in a month, Bandai is releasing more and more solicitations for both the HGBF and the HGBC lines. Do take note that these are mostly remolds of previously released kits, well except the second one.

On that note, the remolds will be based off the HGUC Gundam Ez-8 and the HGBF Beargguy III [San] (RE:Teddy in Melancholy) kits while the new HGBF custom pack will most likely be used with this Ez-8 remold.

Release dates and prices have been provided in these solicitations. Though outside these placeholders, nothing has been revealed regarding these kits.

BLOG: BTF – 1/100 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Extra Fit

BTF - 1/100 MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Like it or not, these third-party/independent companies are really improving on getting those resin-only kits translated to colored plastic ones. This time, BTF is releasing a plastic version of the Vicious Project 1/100 ZZ Gundam Extra Fit, which is also available as a recast via E2046.

As seen in these colored prototype shots, the kit features Obari-esque heavily stylized proportions that’s very much different from the bulky aesthetic of the ZZ Gundam. And being originally made of resin, the kit will not transform and breakdown into its core components.

The set will also come with the oversized weapons and accessories that the ZZ Gundam is known for.

BLOG: MC Model – Comprehend HG 1/144 RX-104FF Penelope

MC Model - Comprehend HG 1/144 RX-104FF Penelope After releasing their version of the RX-105 Xi Gundam, it’s no surprise that Model Comprehend will immediately follow suit with its nemesis, the RX-104FF Penelope.

The Penelope also has the same convoluted aesthetic seen in the Xi Gundam, its successor unit. Most of this bulk comes from the Minovsky Craft flight unit, which when removed reveals the RX-104 Odysseus Gundam as the base mobile suit.

Given the same nature of the Xi Gundam and Penelope, expect that this kit will also employ the same engineering and construction seen in the former. That said, no release information has been revealed as of yet.

BLOG: Mechanicore – 1/100 MAS-15 Σ-ZERSTÖRE

Mechanicore - 1/100 MAS-15 Σ-ZERSTÖRER Seems like the Xi Gundam has been getting a lot of attention these days. After Model Comprehend’s 1/144 version, 1/100 scale collectors won’t be left behind thanks to third-party group Mechanicore with their Σ-ZERSTÖRE.

Not really sure where they got the name but it’s a sure take on the Xi Gundam. Standing at a massive 260mm, the kit will have a Master Grade-esque inner frame featuring LED-lit metal thrusters.

First production run bonuses will include special ‘Camouflage Armor’, LED beam sabers, die cast v-fin, and limited-edition packaging. For more information regarding this awesome-looking kit, head onto the link below.


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