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BLOG: Bandai Hobby Pro-Shop Exclusive – HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms

HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms Remember the Full Armor Uniron Gundam, the mobile suit that redefined the ‘Full Armor’ concept to just slapping a bunch of weapons to the back of a mobile suit? Well it seems like this thing is an offshoot of that.

The next Bandai Hobby Pro-Shop exclusive is the HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms. The set is mainly composed of the HG Gundam Dynames, HGBC Gunpla Battle Arm Arms, and six weapon sets coming from last year’s HG Customize Campaign.

Much like any web store exclusive, those outside Japan may have to use some middleman service to get a hold of this kit.

  • HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms
    Release Information: Dec. 2014 · ¥2,160
    Images via Gundam.Info
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BLOG: Today’s Robits – September & October 2014

Today's Robits - September & October 2014 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s hobby loot.

Time to play catch up again on two months worth of loot thanks to some shenanigans that happened recently. In any case, here are the robits that arrived in the last couple of months.

And what better way to start things off? Than with a book of course! Vertical continues to have its quarterly releases of Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN and form what this collector has read or seen, things are really interesting. Too bad said collector has to catch up with the last three volumes or so.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Vol.7 – Battle of Loum

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BLOG: HGAC Wing Gundam Zero – Completed Build

HGAC Wing Gundam Zero - Completed Build Took a little while, and another copy of the kit, but finally got this guy done.

So what happened was that the parts used to connect the main wing binders to the rear thruster pods broke thanks to thickened parts after applying top coat. While repairable, it probably won’t hold after repeated transformations. As such, another purchase is needed.

This experience ultimately taught this collector to plan the approach painting or top coating certain kits. In any case, the HGAC Wing Gundam Zero is done and as seen here, progress has started on the next one.

Yup, that’s the third-party Gundam Geminass 01 with its torso complete. More on that on the next work in progress post.

BLOG: METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina

Metal Build Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Aside from the slew of Gundam-related ROBOT Damashii reveals at the recently concluded Tamashii Nation 2014, here’s another figure that almost didn’t get noticed sans a couple of very blurred images.

The next METAL BUILD figure was announced to be the Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina and boy, Tamashii Nations did a great job in selecting this mobile suit as the next in line.

With all the bling that the Gold Frame Amatsu Mina has, it’s a perfect mobile suit choice to be released as part of the METAL BUILD line. No exact release dates/prices have been as of yet.

  • METAL BUILD Gundam Astray Gold Frame
    Amatsu Mina

    Release Information: TBD
    Image via Tamashii Nations

BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Fünf

Box Art Extravaganza Fünf Time to go German once again as here’s another round of model kit box art appreciation.

While under the pretense that this kit would go well with the HGUC Silver Bullet, and the ROBOT Damashii Gundam Mk-V EFF Colors to an extent, this collector is still very much on the fence of actually getting this guy. Will probably look for a couple of reviews first before making a purchase decision.

The HGBF Gundam Ez-SR set allows one of the three Team SRCC mobile suits — the Ez-SR Intruder, Ez-SR Eliminator, and Ez-SR Shadow Phantom — to be built.

  • HGBF Gundam Ez-SR
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,800

On that note, definitely need to build the HGUC Gundam Ez-8 after all these After Colony High Grades **nudge nudge wink wink**.

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