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UPDATE #3023: Super Robot Chogokin GaoFighGar

Super Robot Chogokin GaoFighGar MECHA CATALOGUE #3023
Super Robot Chogokin

Non-Scale Action Figure

Bandai (2014)

The King of Braves GAOGAIGAR FINAL

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BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Sechs

Box Art Extravaganza - Sechs Welcome to another round of box art reveals with this being the sixth coverage as counted in German for some reason.

As conveniently explained during episode 14 of Gundam Build Fighters Try, the upgrades that make Try Burning Gundam mostly involve bringing out more of the inner Plavsky Particle "storage units" that’s all within the Build Burning Gundam.

Thanks to all those burning effect parts, the Try Burning Gundam is more like Try Burning (A) Gundam now. Hahaha… haha… ha… that was horrible.

  • HGBF Try Burning Gundam
    Release Information: Feb. 2015 · ¥1,800

Oh yeah, the box art. It’s great, though it’s like they’re selling the same thing twice. Will probably get it as a lead Gundam completionist.

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BLOG: HG Reconguista in G – New Promotional Video

To cap off this triad of promotional videos, Bandai also released one for the HG Reconguista in G line featuring a new Gundam, and a Gundam-looking non-Gundam mobile suit.

Taking the stage in this 15 sec. commercial is the Gundam G-Lucifer featuring its single Unicorn Gundam-esque horn and what appears to be skirt armors that turn into huge funnels.

Personally, it seems like the G-Lucifer is an aesthetic deconstruction of what a Gundam looks. Yoshiyuki Tomino must be given quite the liberty for this series that Bandai allowed the G-Lucifer to have the Gundam moniker despite the different look.

Oh, and the Gaeon will be available this February.

BLOG: HGBF Try Burning Gundam – Promotional Video

Speaking of promotional videos, here’s another one from Bandai… and it’s hot. HAHAHA… Haha… ha~

Anyway, this is promoting the upcoming HGBF Try Burning Gundam and it’s over-the-top gimmick. If the clear blue parts are replaceable with clear orange ones for the Build Burning Gundam, the Try Burning Gundam takes it one step further.

Aside from clear orange parts, the Try Burning Gundam also come with replacement burning clear orange parts! And with this collector’s disdain for parts-swapping between modes, should this warrant another purchase solely for this mode?

BLOG: HGBF Gundam Portent – Colored Prototype Shots

HGBF ガンダム ポータント - Colored Prototype Shots Just a day after making its debut in the new opening sequence of Gundam Build Fighters Try, the model kit is now revealed.

The Gundam Portent, or at least how “ポータント” is currently romanized, is going to be used by Gunpla Academy’s Shia Kijima in the national tournament. Much like the Transient Gundam and Gundam The End, it has the same aesthetics from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and is probably a derivative of the Sakibure. The support unit, Portent Flyer, will also be sold separately as an HGBC release.

  • HGBF Gundam Portent
    Release Information: March 2015 · ¥1,800
    Image via TAG Hobby

Will probably get this kit and paint it in various shades of blue or traditional Gundam (color studies).


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