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BLOG: ROBOT Damashii <Side HM> L-Gaim [Spiral Booster Set]

ROBOT Damashii &lt;Side HM&gt; L-Gaim [Spiral Booster Set] Between the ROBOT Damashii releases of the L-Gaim and the L-Gaim Mk-II, it seems that the former is a lot harder to come by. For some reason, copies of the L-Gaim Mk-II can be spotted more than its predecessor. So for those who missed the initial L-Gaim release but don’t want to pay after-market prices, here’s your chance.

Tamashii Nations will be releasing the ROBOT Damashii L-Gaim [Spiral Booster Set], which is essentially the same release as before with the addition of the Spiral Booster unit.

Will definitely get this guy to finally complete the titular machines from Heavy Metal L-Gaim.

  • ROBOT Damashii <Side HM>
    L-Gaim [Spiral Booster Set]

    Release Information: Nov. 2015 · ¥6,500
    Article via Tamashii Web

BLOG: RG Wing Gundam Zero EW – Work in Progress #1

RG Wing Gundam Zero EW - Work in Progress #1 So here’s a surprise, this is actually the first Real Grade that this collector has built. Yup, been getting them since the first release yet only managed to build one today. As such, some aspects of the RG Wing Gundam Zero EW caught this collector by surprise.

For starters, didn’t know that the placement of the ‘realistic decals’ were placed at the last page. As such, none were placed on the leg units as they’ve been top coated already. Will just instead place them on the blue parts. Second, haven’t built a kit with an internal frame prior to this, especially those with shifting armors. So top coating this guy required planning so that all exposed areas are coated accordingly.

Though the parts separation to get those multiple shades is indeed excellent. Will definitely look forward to building Real Grades once this guy is finished.

BLOG: Bandai Hobby – Choujigen Henkei FrameRobo

Bandai Hobby - "Super-Dimensional Deformation Frame Robo" With the International Tokyo Toy Show 2015 just around the corner, Bandai Hobby has released a press release for a new product that will supposedly take the assembly of plastic model kits beyond.

Google Translated as "Super-Dimensional Deformation Frame Robo", The Choujigen Henkei FrameRobo line will feature kits that come as a pre-assembled frame and can be folded into either Frame Form, Weapon Form, or Robo Form. No excess plastic will be left as all parts of the frame are used. No tools required for assembly as well.

Three variants — Gaia Frame, Mars Frame, and Mercury Frame — will be released by September at ¥500 each.

BLOG: Bandai x threezero – FULLMETAL GHOST Shadow Blade

Bandai x threezero - Fullmetal Ghost SHADOW BLADE Not really caught up with Bandai and threezero’s collaborative project but it looks like they’re still at it, as they’ve announced the next figure in the Fullmetal Ghost line of insanely detailed figures.

Like the previous releases, Shadow Blade has an opening cockpit that houses the included pilot figure. Oh and the pilot figure is also poseable and has its own set of weapons.

Really hoping that Fullmetal Ghost gets to flesh out its fiction in an easier to absorb form of media like an animated series or manga. With designs as great as these, this fiction definitely deserves one.

  • FULLMETAL GHOST Shadow Blade
    Reservations Start: July 2015
    Release Information: TBD
    Images via TAG Hobby

BLOG: HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam – Box Art

HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam - Box Art This collector has a habit of getting two copies of HG kits that ‘partsforms‘ (a term borrowed from Transformers collectors). Classic examples include the HGUC Zeta, Double Zeta, Delta/Delta Kai and Z II.

But it looks like that won’t be the case for the HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam, the Zeta Gundam variant built by Yuuma Kousaka in the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try. All promotional material up to this point doesn’t show the mobile suit having a variable form unlike its namesake.

On a related note, will Bandai release a Kamiki Burning Gundam kit? It might not be the simple retool as the Try Burning is to the Build Burning but the more difference is for the better.

  • HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam
    Release Information: July 2015 · ¥2,200
    Image via GUNDAM GUY


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