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BLOG: Soul of Chogokin GX-68 GaoGaiGar

Soul of Chogokin GX-68 GaoGaiGar Many have been gushing about this figure since it was first announced. A fully transformable, die cast GaoGaiGar figure by Bandai, what’s there to ask for?

So as to further tease and build up the excitement for this release, Tamashii Nations has opened a page featuring Soul of Chogokin GaoGaiGar in all of its King of Braves glory. It features GaiGar, Liner Gao, Stealth Gao, and Drill Gao as they go Final Fusion and form GaoGaiGar. It probably won’t come with effect parts like the Super Robot Chogokin release, but that won’t matter anyway.

That said, prepare your wallets as this awesomeness won’t come cheap.

  • Soul of Chogokin GX-68 GaoGaiGar
    Release Information: Dec. 2014 · ¥32,400
    Images via Tamashii Web
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BLOG: HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 – Announced!

HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1 - Announced! Ever since the HGBF Crossbone Gundam Maoh announcement earlier this year, many are already waiting for the eventual HGUC Crossbone Gundam release. And after half a year of waiting, Bandai finally does to everyone’s glee and excitement!

As expected, this kit comes with a buttload of weapons and accessories. Do take note though that this is the vanilla X1 configuration as used by Kincade Nau (Seabook Arno). But knowing Bandai, they would probably release its variants as online exclusives or something.

  • HGUC Crossbone Gundam X1
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,800
    Image via GUNDAM GUY

With this, the only lead Gundam they’ve yet to release as a modern High Grade is the… Wing Gundam Zero EW?

BLOG: Gundam Build Fighters Try – Promotional Video

Gundam Build Fighters Try

Television Premiere
October 2014

Official Website | Twitter Account
© 2014 SUNRISE, Sotsu Agency, TV Tokyo

BLOG: METAL ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Hi-Nu Gundam

BLOG: METAL ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Hi-Nu Gundam With Tamashii Feature’s Vol.8 (Taiwan) happening this weekend, one of the anticipated reveals is the new METAL ROBOT Damashii line, and what the inaugural release will be. And then online leaked pictures happen… so yeah.

Less than a year after its standard ROBOT Damashii release, Tamashii Nations is testing the waters with the Hi Nu Gundam once more. Based on these images, this iteration will retain the bulkier proportions that its non-die cast counterpart had.

No details have been revealed as of yet, though more information should be revealed on the actual show floor.

  • METAL ROBOT Damashii <Side MS>
    RX-93-ν2 Hi-Nu Gundam

    Release Information: TBA
    Image via TAG Hobby

BLOG: ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Crossbone Gundam X3

ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Crossbone Gundam X3 Everyone totally called on this one. Using the new mold of the Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth released a few months ago, Bandai (predictably) is releasing the Crossbone Gundam X3 as well.

For those unfamiliar with the fiction, the Crossbone Gundam X3 is the same mobile suit that got upgraded into the Crossbone Gundam X1 Full Cloth after it was damaged beyond repair. So technically speaking, this is a lead Gundam — a must have for the CATALOGUE.

  • ROBOT Damashii <Side MS>
    Crossbone Gundam X3

    Release Information: Feb. 2014 · ¥5,616
    Images via Tamashii Web

Guess Bandai is differentiating this from the first release with the lack of dash between "X" and "3"?


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