threeA - "Transformers" OPTIMUS PRIME Following up on the Bumblebee and Megatron releases, threeA has released the Lookbook for their next Transformers figure, none other than the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.

His design is also based on how he appeared in TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon. Optimus Prime will stand at 19-inches tall and is fully poseable with over 85 points of articulation. The figure also has LED light up parts and while it doesn’t transform, it will have an insane level of detail that threeA releases are known for.

Those who’ll order from threeA’s Bambaland Store will also receive a Battle Blaster Weapon as bonus.

  • "Dark of the Moon" OPTIMUS PRIME
    Pre-order Information:
    June 30, 2015 9:00AM (UTC+8) · $430
    Article via World of 3A

BLOG: HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]

HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack] Speaking of the G-Self, here’s another High Grade — this time of the non-exclusive Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]. As previously mentioned, it’s essentially the same G-Self kit released before but instead uses a plethora of clear parts as backpack.

For those who haven’t seen GUNDAM Reconguista in G (that’s totally a valid reason given how the series went, more in a future post), the Perfect Pack combines the features of all backpack units into one through the unexplained capabilities of photon-based technology — thus the use of so much clear parts.

Not really digging the design but will nonetheless get this kit as a completionist.

  • HG Gundam G-Self [Perfect Pack]
    Release Information: Aug. 2015 · ¥2,700
    Image via TAG Hobby

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HG Gundam G-Self [Reflector Pack]

HG Gundam G-Self [Reflector Pack] Those who wanted to get the G-Self [Reflector Pack] but don’t want to get the ROBOT Damashii because of either its proportions or the premium Tamashii Web price, then here’s a cheaper option though it’s still an online exclusive.

Bandai Hobby is also releasing the Reflector Pack and while still an online exclusive, it’s more than 3x cheaper. It also has the benefit of being easier to repaint.

Here’s a color study of the G-Self with the light blue parts replaced by gray. That’s the likely repaint this kit will get if purchased. The gray bits should add some neutrality to an otherwise cold color scheme.

  • HG Gundam G-Self [Reflector Pack]
    Reservations Start: June 30, 2015
    Release Information: Sept. 2015 · ¥2,200
    Images via Premium Bandai

BLOG: ROBOT Damashii <Side RSK> En-Ryu-Go

ROBOT Damashii &lt;Side RSK&gt; Enryugo Aside from <Side RM> (which was initially <Side PM>), Tamashii Nations is designating another sub-category for their CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angels and Dragons releases.

Getting a release following Villkiss is En-Ryu-Go, the Ryuu-Shin-Ki being piloted by Salamandinay, and as such is given the <Side RSK> sub-category. Nomenclature differences aside, both the Villkiss and En-Ryu-Go essentially have the same transformation scheme, and of course color schemes matching the Freedom and Justice from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.

Not sure if it will come with a translucent pilot figurine like Villkiss, though it’s safe to assume that it might.

  • ROBOT Damashii <Side RSK> En-Ryu-Go
    Release Information: Nov. 2015 · ¥8,500
    Image via Tamashii Web

BLOG: Figma Series 18 Garde

Figma Series 18 Garde As a follow up to the Tsugumori, Max Factory will also release the Series 18 Garde, the more standard and mass produced machine seen in Knights of Sidonia, as part of the Figma line. Yes, Figmas have way passed the line of bishoujo figures now.

Two versions will be available for purchase at the Good Smile Online Shop. First is the Izana Shinatose version which has custom markings and decals, while the other one is a blank version where a decal sheet is included to give the machine a variety of designations. Both versions will include the standard accessories for the Series 18 Garde.

  • Figma Series 18 Garde
    [Izana Shinatose/Blank Ver.]

    Release Information: Dec. 2015 · ¥8,333
    Pre-order via Good Smile Online Shop:
    Izana Shinatose Ver./Blank Ver.


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