BLOG: Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1

Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1 Go Nagai’s Getter franchise has been getting a lot of merchandise love lately. There has been a couple of high-end releases from Bandai and Sen-Ti-Nel. Speaking for Getter 1, most notable was the recent Sen-Ti-Nel x T-REX which was really good if not for the steep asking price.

Those with the same price opinions worry no more as Bandai will also release the Getter 1 as part of their ever-expanding Super Robot Chogokin line. The figure stands at 140mm and much like any previous release, it will be made from a mixture of plastic and die-cast parts, and will include effect parts to replicate signature attacks. It’s also compatible with previous releases (Mazinger Z, etc.) for more display options.

  • Super Robot Chogokin Getter 1
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥7,020
    Image via Tamashii Web
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BLOG: Sen-Ti-Nel – 1/35 MechatroWeGo

Sen-Ti-Nel 1/35 MechatroWeGo Every once in a while, Sen-Ti-Nel goes away from the serious stuff and does something that’s cute and really inspired. Such is the case for their new offering, the 1/35 MechatroWeGo series.

These are based on designs from Chubu Mechatronics, a Japanese company aiming to introduce man-controlled humanoid robots (Mechatrobots) for common use. These includes the WeGo, the smallest Mechatrobot for use of children in under-populated areas for transportation and recreation.

These will stand at 75mm, made from plastic and die-cast materials, with fully functional gimmicks, and a clear display case.

  • 1/35 MechatroWeGo
    (Light Blue, Light Green, Orange)
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥3,500
    Article via Sen-Ti-Nel Official Website

BLOG: Today’s Robits – June 2014

Today's Robits - June 2014 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s hobby loot.

It has almost become a tradition (sort of) to start these loot posts with books. Because… why not? Anyway, Vertical’s still continuing on their great English adaptation of the Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN manga, now on it’s the sixth volume – "To War".

Still stuck on half of volume four though, why???

Volume seven will be coming out in September so that’s still a couple of months worth of reading before another one adds to the backlog.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Vol.6 – To War

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BLOG: Max Factory – 1/48 "GARGANTIA on the Verderous Planet" Model Kits

Max Factory - 1/48 "GARGANTIA on The Verderous Planet" Model Kits It has been a year since GARGANTIA on the Verderous Planet and a second season has also been announced. That said, outside of Ledo or Amy, there hasn’t been many figures for the other character of the show – Chamber.

Max Factory is set to change that as they are going to expand their model kit offerings with these Machine Calibers (i.e. Chamber and Striker). These will be in 1/48 scale and if the floating images around the internet are correct, they should be the same size with their 1/72 Combat Armors MAX line – and are therefore, perfect for the CATALOGUE.

Be prepared to paint though as these Machine Calibers are quite colorful machines. Unless Max Factory is willing to do crazy parts separation, like Real Grade levels of crazy

BLOG: Wonder Festival Summer 2014 – Armarauders

Wonder Festival Summer 2014 - Armarauders The great people at Mecha Workshop are working really hard to bring the best version of the Bellerophon from Armarauders out there, and here’s the result. On display at Sen-Ti-Nel’s booth is the finished prototype albeit with different colors.

Fans were given a choice between the regular light-colored or the gunmetal versions, guess what won? Also on display are two the packaging artwork for both version of the figure, illustrated by Hidetaka Tenjin who’s also on the show floor.

Many have been waiting for this figures ever since the initial announcement down to the prototype teases. Looks like they won’t be disappointed, this collector included.

BLOG: Sen-Ti-Nel – RE:EDIT IRON MAN Bleeding Edge Armor

Sen-Ti-Nel RE:EDIT IRON MAN Bleeding Edge Armor As revealed in Wonder Festival 2014 Summer, Sen-Ti-Nel will finally release figures from western-based properties. And what better way to kick things off than with everyone’s favorite "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist".

RE:EDIT IRON MAN will feature ‘edits’ of the Iron Man designs appearing in the comic books as done by Chemical Attack. Being a Sen-Ti-Nel release would mean great attention to detail coupled with great articulation and capped with interesting gimmicks including light-up LEDs.

The figure will stand at 180mm and is made from a variety of plastics (ABS, ATBC-PVC, PA, POM) — no die cast.

BLOG: PlayStation Optimus Prime Revealed

PlayStation Optimus Prime Revealed Following up on Mega Drive Megatron, Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. will not let the Autobot leader trail behind as he’ll be getting his own console-turn-robot type of deal with PlayStation Optimus Prime, still part of the Transformers’ 30th Anniversary, as well as the 20th Anniversary of Sony’s PlayStation console.

Along with this figure, they’ll also release the PlayStation History Collection 20th Anniversary Edition. These will consist of 1/6 scale replicas of all iterations of the PlayStation.

No price or release information has been revealed though both projects would most likely make an appearance in the next Wonder Festival.

BLOG: TRANSFORMERS Generations 2015 “Combiner Wars”

TRANSFORMERS Generations 2015 "Combiner Wars" Seems like Hasbro is finally giving in to the combiner brouhaha after their Fall of Cybertron Bruticus set, and numerous third-party stuff as "Combiner Wars" is revealed as the main theme for the 2015 TRANSFORMERS Generations line.

On display at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 show floor are Menasor and Superion, the combined forms of the Stunticons and Aerialbots respectively.

Hasbro has also made it clear that these sets will keep the Scramble City gimmick so any combination is virtually possible. Also, they will not use the same combination engineering used in their previous Bruticus release. Finally, these will coincide with the current IDW comic stories.

BLOG: TRANSFORMERS Robots In Disguise – Teaser Footage

Hasbro did a slew of reveals for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, one of which is a teaser footage for their 2015 upcoming series TRANSFORMERS Robots In Disguise.

In contrast to first impressions, the series will be presented in cell-shaded 3D and still be handled by Polygon Pictures, the same guys who did TRANSFORMERS Prime.

The story takes place years after the events of the last series where life in Cybertron is prospering once more. And while Megatron has denounced his evil ways, there are still Decepticon factions scattered around. Bumblebee is then summoned back to Earth to lead a new group of Autobots to counter this threat.

Ghost Optimus Prime is a ghost.

BLOG: Hot Toys G1 Optimus Prime (Starscream Ver.) Revealed

Hot Toys G1 Optimus Prime (Starscream Ver.) Revealed More and more licensed Optimus Prime figures are coming outside Hasbro/Takara Tomy. This time it’s Hot Toys with Optimus Prime (Starscream Ver.).

As to why Starscream’s wings are there, it refers to the Generation 1 episode "Megatron’s Masterplan" where the Decepticons disguised themselves as Autobots. Looks like Starscream forgot to cover some parts.

The fully detailed figure stands 30cm tall, includes a fitting diorama base, and yes – Starscream’s wings. Those who’ll order in SDCC will also receive Starscream’s severed head. And no, it doesn’t transform.

So Optimus Prime first wore Starscream before he did Jetfire in Revenge of the Fallen?

BLOG: ThreeZero Teases "The Matrix" Armored Personnel Units

ThreeZero Teases "The Matrix" APUs ThreeZero just keeps on rolling license after license, this time around from the cult classic The Matrix Trilogy. Appearing in the latter two movies are the APUs or the Armored Personnel Units which are essentially power suits used to shoot the crap out of the enemies, or at least that’s their intended purpose.

Nothing has been revealed outside of this teaser, but knowing ThreeZero, this would probably be a 1/12 release that would include a pilot figure similar to their Titanfall Atlas release.

BLOG: Mondo – IRON GIANT Collectible Figure

Mondo - IRON GIANT Collectible Figure Who’s Mondo? Well they’re sort of an art deco company that does shirts, screen printed posters, vinyl movie soundtracks, etc. from classic and contemporary films. And now they’re doing designer toys.

Kicking things off is this great 16-inch figure of the Iron Giant to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of this classic. The set contains multiple accessories to replicate key moments in the film, an in-scale Hogarth figure, as well as an alternate head piece to display the "War" version of the figure.

Aside from this, Mondo is also set to release collectibles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Alfred Hitchcock, yes the director himself.

  • IRON GIANT Collectible Figure
    Release Information: TBD
    Article via GeekTyrant

BLOG: Battle Command Optimus Prime – An Introspect

Battle Command Optimus Prime - An Introspect Takara Tomy has just released Battle Command Optimus Prime, a one-off figure meant to interact with the Age of Extinction one-step changers – released in Japan as the main Lost Age line. Seen from these in-hand images, the figure has a LOT of back kibble thanks to its intended play pattern, and is taking quite a lot of flak because of it.

But for some reason, this collector is more forgiving of these flaws. Looking at front, it’s more movie accurate than the Leader Class figures – which also shares the same transformation scheme, albeit more simplified.

The main reason though is its size. For a collection of mainly Deluxes and a few Voyagers, this version will likely fit as per the CATALOGUE definition. So yeah, this is just a justification of this particular purchase.

BLOG: HGBF Lightning Gundam + HGBC (Lightning Back Weapon System)

HGBF Lightning Gundam + HGBC Lightning Back Weapon System Looks like Bandai has now made several kits from the two upcoming series, Gundam Build Fighters Try and GUNDM Reconguista in G, available for pre-order. One of these kits is for the Lightning Gundam which totally looks awesome.

As previously revealed, this mobile suit was heavily modified from the ReGZ. Its transformation requires a separate unit – the Back Weapon System – for its Waverider Mode. Likewise, the Lightning Gundam inherits this feature through the tentatively-named Lightning Back Weapon System. Knowing Bandai, this is likely a separate purchase.

  • HGBF Lightning Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,728
  • HGBC (Lightning Back Weapon System)
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥864

Article via Timeless Dimension

BLOG: HGBF Beargguy III [San] – Completed Build

HGBF Beargguy III [San] - Completed Build After a cooperating work schedule and some inspiration, the HGBF Beargguy III [San] is now complete. As previously mentioned, the kit is pretty much molded in animation-accurate colors so there wasn’t much need for detail

The build itself is very refreshing, especially when one knows that a very cute mobile suit will come out of it. This will probably the last of these kinds of builds unless Gundam Build Fighters Try dishes something more adorable.

With this guy done, also shown is the next kit being built. Making a return to HG All Gundam Project through the HGAC Wing Gundam Zero. At the time of this post, the upper half of the mobile suit is now done sans the wing units.

With momentum in play, here’s hoping that more kits will be finished.

BLOG: E2046 – Gathering Genesic GaoGaiGar Head Bust

E2046 – Gathering Genesic GaoGaiGar Head Bust Hot on the heels of Bandai’s Super Robot Chogokin Genesic GaoGaiGar, E2046 is offering the more hardcore fans a treat by offering this gorgeous head bust a a discounted price.

For 28 more days as of this post, this 2.5 Kg display piece will be sold for $279.99, 30% off its regular price of $399.99. Much like other Gathering kits, this will require minor assembly and no painting. It will also be delivered within a sturdy shipping package for added protection.

  • Gathering Genesic GaoGaiGar Head Bust
    Discounted Price: $279.99 $299.99
    Order via E2046

UPDATE: E2046 is once again offering this item for $299.99, 25% off its original price.

BLOG: E2046 – Gathering Mazinkaiser

E2046 - Gathering Mazinkaiser The guys at E2046 has done it once again. After their gorgeous-looking MazinSaga and Mazinger Z Damaged Ver. releases, here’s their take on Mazinkaiser.

What’s great about this release is that while it maintains that same high quality that Gathering kits are known for, it also makes for a consistent display piece together with their previous releases. This is thanks to its display base that also includes a severed enemy head, just like the previous one.

Pre-order now at their site and avail of the 28% discount while it lasts.

  • Gathering Mazinkaiser
    Release Information: July 2014 · $230.40
    Pre-order via E2046

BLOG: Projected Gunpla Acquisitions – Q4 2014

Projected Gunpla Acquisitions With Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn finally done and two Gundam series to air simultaneously this Fall, Bandai will be dishing out a buttload of Gunpla and it is important to project one’s purchases ahead.

G-Self and Build Burning Gundam automatically qualify as per CATALOGUE guidelines. While the Lightning Gundam is one of those lead-looking Gundams that would be a great addition like the Crossbone Gundam Maoh. Looks like starting the "Midnight Gunpla Therapy" now is a great idea.

  • HG (Gundam) G-Self
    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥1,728
  • HGBF Build Burning Gundam
    Release Information: Oct. 2014 · ¥1,728
  • HGBF Lightning Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,728

Images via MasterFile Blog

BLOG: HGBF Beargguy III [San] – Special Work in Progress #2

HGBF Beargguy III [San] - Special Work in Progress #2 Okay, managed to get work done on HGBF Beargguy III [San] after a couple of days and a massive storm. With the parts molded mostly in animation-accurate colors, there’s no need to do detail painting. Covering the panel lines and a good flat top coat should do the trick.

As seen, the only parts needed to be built are the lower legs. Now the kit also includes additional parts to replicate its hyper-extending arm units, similar to the original Acguy. That said, the purpose of this build doesn’t actually warrant those so they won’t be included. The rear ribbon unit (LOL) is also made of softer plastic which is better without the flat finish to preserve its ribbon-like gloss.

At this point, the kit is still very enjoyable to build. It’s quite a ways different from the usual Gundam-type kits. Then again this comes from a collector who builds mostly lead mobile suits.

BLOG: GUNDAM Reconguista in G – More Gunpla Revealed

GUNDAM Reconguista in G - Gunpla Reveals Looks like Bandai’s on a roll today as here’s another set of reveals, this time for GUNDAM Reconguista in G. Official shots for the (Gundam) G-Self (looks like the "Gundam" name is back, at least on the Bandai Hobby Site), Grimoire, Montero, and (Gundam) G-Arcane are now up.

Yes, a second Gundam-type unit has been revealed and it has a mobile armor mode. The site also shows some gimmicks that will be in the line. This includes the use of UV-reflective material for the blue translucent parts of the G-Self, as well as the removable cockpit unit for the Grimoire.

  • HG (Gundam) G-Self
    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥1,728
  • HG (Gundam) G-Arcane
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,728

Information via Bandai Hobby Site

BLOG: "Gundam Build Fighters Try" Gunpla Revealed

"Gundam Build Fighters Try" Gunpla Revealed Along with the announcement of a new series is of course, new model kits! This also gives everyone a better idea of the mobile suits that will be appearing in Gundam Build Fighters Try.

Unlike the mobile suits in the first series, this set (at least these three) aren’t obvious derivatives of any previous mobile suit at first inspection.

With its martial arts fighting style, the Build Burning Gundam probably took its name from the Burning Gundam (i.e. American name of the God Gundam). The Lightning Gundam was modified from the ReGZ, and the Winning Gundam isn’t the SD Zeta Gundam that many thought it was.

  • HGBF Build Burning Gundam
    Release Information: October 2014 · ¥1,512
  • HGBF Lightning Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2014 · ¥1,728
  • BB Senshi Winning Gundam
    Release Information: TBD

Information via Bandai Hobby Site

BLOG: "Gundam Build Fighters Try" Revealed

"Gundam Build Fighters Try" Revealed After much anticipation, details have been finally revealed for the next Gundam Build Fighters series, Gundam Build Fighters Try.

The new series takes place seven years after the first and with PPSE gone, the Gunpla Battle Chamionships are now run by the Yajima Corporation (re:Caroline Yajima) where participants must be in teams of three to join.

Seiho Academy, the school Sei Iori went, unfortunately failed to catch up with these changes. But when Gunpla Club President, Fumino Hoshino, meets Sekai Kamiki and Yuuma Kousaka, they now have a chance to regain the former glory of their school as "Team TRY FIGHTERS".

BLOG: MG Hi-Nu Gundam H.W.S. Ver.Ka – Official Shots

MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka H.W.S. - Official Shots Just a month after releasing the MG Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka, Bandai is also throwing in this very nifty upgrade set that adds more bulk to the already-bulky mobile suit.

Much like the Nu Gundam, the Hi-Nu Gundam also has its own Heavy Weapon System (or H.W.S.) configuration. The set will include additional chest, waist and leg armors, as well as more "hyper" weapons. There’s the Hyper Mega Shield, Hyper Mega Rifle and the New Hyper Bazooka. These can be combined with the base mobile suit to upgrade it to the H.W.S. in its first form, then retrofit it further to its second form.

As with all "Ver.Ka" Master Grades, the set will include a bunch of water slide decals, including the ink pattern used in the normal shield.

  • MG Hi-Nu Gundam H.W.S. Ver.Ka
    Expansion Set

    Release Information: Sept. 2014 · ¥3,024
    Images via Premium Bandai

BLOG: Comprehend HG Xi Gundam – Box Art

Comprehend HG Xi Gundam - Box Art As its release date approaches, Model Comprehend continues to tease its Xi Gundam model kit, this time with the box art. Like their previous kits, it will feature two sides — one with a gorgeous looking illustration and the other with the actual kit itself.

As previously mentioned, it’s a large mobile suit and thus requires a Master Grade-style internal frame for a 1/144 scale kit.

Oh, and don’t even bother looking for the meaning of the term "conaoennal". It doesn’t exist but probably sounds and spells awesome.


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