BLOG: TFCC Figure Subscription Service 5.0 – Double Pretender Optimus Prime + HiQ

TFCC Figure Subscription Service 5.0 - Double Pretender Optimus Prime + Hi-Q Still don’t know why they are numbering these things as such, it’s as if there will be a figure subscription service 5.5 or something. Anyway, being a sucker for Optimus Prime, this collector would definitely notice this one.

TFCC has revealed the initial figures for their Subscription Service 5.0 (again with the numbering), and one of them is Double Pretender Optimus Prime + HiQ which is a redeco of Legends Swerve with a new head sculpt and Targetmaster Flanker. For the Pretender shell, it will use the same one as Oilmaster in the BotCon 2015 box set with a deco giving a nod to this unused gorilla pretender mold. Can also be a nod to the whole Optimus Primal monkey thing though that one might be a stretch.

BLOG: Sen-Ti-Nel – 12 MechatroWeGo Aqua

Sen-Ti-Nel - 12MechatroWeGo Aqua Based on the release schedule that Sen-Ti-Nel has been doing with their 35 MechatroWeGo figures, it looks to be quite a success. That said, some may find these figures a little too small and are looking for something better sized and with more play value.

And so they’re doing the 12 MechatroWeGo series, a 1/12 version of these highly collectible figures. At this scale, they can easily interact with other lines like Figma or S.H.Figuarts through a fully detailed cockpit. Like their smaller counterparts, these larger ones still retain the armor swapping gimmick, allowing customization and personalized color schemes. That said, these guys at 1/12 scale (~220 mm) are quite sizable for the CATALOGUE.

  • 12 MechatroWeGo Aqua
    Release Information: June 2016 · ¥16,000
    Images via Union Creative

BLOG: VOLTRON Legendary Defender – Title & Logo Revealed

VOLTRON Legendary Defender - Logo Revealed No one can deny that Voltron (Lion Force) was quite a pop culture thing during its debut and, in one way or another, today. So much so that a couple of (sort of) sequel series have been made to continue the story to varying success.

But it looks like the Voltron train will keep on going as a third series to capitalize on all the nostalgia, and merchandising possibilities, have been revealed. DreamWorks Animation together with Netflix announced VOLTRON Legendary Defender, which will again further the story of five teenagers fighting in giant mechanized lions that combine to form Voltron.

With titles such as The Adventures of Puss in Boots, and Dinotrux among others, both companies currently have a great run so far and would further expand this with the new Voltron series.

BLOG: Plastic Crack – Gunpla Customize Course "GN Gundam Mk-II"

Plastic Crack - GN Gundam Mk-II This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

Not many might know this, but the Gundam Build Fighters page of Bandai Hobby site has a ‘Gunpla Customize Course’ section where Bandai showcases custom builds that anyone can do via combining various High Grade kits coupled with some painting. Now some of these are hit-or-miss but this one definitely looks interesting. This is the GN Gundam Mk-II which is made with the HGUC Gundam Mk-II ‘Revive’ and the HGBC Dark Matter Booster. Requiring only minor modifications and a coat of blue paint, the build already looks great. Might be tempted to get a Dark Matter Booster because of this.

BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2016 – Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT Ver.7.2

Wonder Festival Winter 2016 - Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT Ver.7.2 True to their word (or teaser), Tamashii Nations brought out a colored prototype of the Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts ULTRAMAN SUIT Ver.7.2 figure to Wonder Festival Winter 2016.

The design is an homage to Ultraseven with the silver armor panels at the top of the torso as well as the shoulders. That said, some changes were made to the design similar to the first Ultraman Suit. These include an straight visor for the optics instead of individual eyes, as well as keeping the bladed weapon motif by wielding a katana instead of throwing its head crest like the original Ultraseven. Unfortunately, the figure is going to be a Tamashii Web Exclusive and will be available this August.

  • Ultra-Act x S.H.Figuarts

    Release Information: Aug. 2016 · ¥6,000
    Images via と記。


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