BLOG: Armarauders… Next on the CATALOGUE

This is Mecha Workshop’s debut release with production and distribution by figure manufacturer Sen-Ti-Nel. Appearing in the graphic novel Armarauders with art and design by former Transformers artist Don Figueroa. Next on the CATALOGUE is the comprehensive review and detailed gallery of the EF-JAT-47FG Bellerophon [Cam Custom].

BLOG: 1000toys – IZMOJUKI 1/12 Scale Series

1000toys - IZMOJUKI 1/12 Scale Series 1000toys, a subsidiary of Sen-Ti-Nel and currently known for their 1/6 Synthetic Human figure has released a couple of images for an upcoming line based on the works of Fictional Industrial Machinery Manufacturer/Production Designer Junji Okubo a.k.a IZMOJUKI.

Named the "Worker Basic", it will share the base core with the "Rover Basic" which was displayed at Wonder Festival Summer 2015 and ACG HK 2015, but with much different parts and layout. [IZMOJUKI on Facebook]

The updated figure prototype will be displayed at the 1000toys booth on both New York Comic Con 2015 and Taipei Toy Fes 2015. That said, no release information has been stated as of yet.

BLOG: Because Bros need no Beam Weapons!

Because Bros need no Beam Weapons! Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS made its worldwide premiere (yes, it even has available subs for our local dialect) a couple of hours ago and it looks very promising. For starters, it has a fresh start by avoiding the earth-versus-colonies cliche and immediately grounding the plot on Mars.

Animation is great as expected, especially in the last battle scene, but what captivates more are the characters, the titular "orphans". They give off this heavy sense of ‘bro-manship’ that allows the audience to easily sympathize with their situation. That said, Mikazuki Augus starts off akin to Setsuna F. Seiei though he’s pretty sure to grow in character as episodes pass.

Here’s to hoping that it will erase the bad taste that GUNDAM Reconguista in G left. Oh and Biscuit Griffon isn’t as useless as how his character design looks.

BLOG: "High Grade" Line Nomenclature – An Introspect

"High Grade" Line Nomenclature - An Introspect For those unaware, this collector has a particular OCD when it comes to model/figure line names. So much so that a similar blog post has already been written a couple of years ago. Then why another post? Well just because.

To recap, the previous "rule" suggests that kits released under the expanded HGUC line are usually referred to as HG** with ** being the calendar used their respective fiction. Outside of these, kits are just referred to as HGs, which are the case for the HG GUNDAM 00, HG GUNDAM THE ORIGIN and HG Reconguista in G kits. And no, there’s no such thing as HGRG!

Then the Gundam Build Fighters stuff came and were given their own HGBF/HGBC designations, with the latter for the option sets. Oh and there’s the HGPG designation solely for the four Petit’gguy releases.

Using this stipulation, upcoming kits from Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS should be designated as HGs. But apparently, this isn’t the case as it looks like they’ll follow the same naming scheme as the Build Fighters releases. Kits of actual mobile suits are released as HG IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS (HG IBO) and option sets as HG IRON-BLOODED ARMS (HG IBA).

So why point these out? Well this is mainly for how these kits will be presented in their respective CATALOGUE entries. For example, Gundam Barbatos will be designated as ‘HG IBO 1/144 | ASW-G-08 GUNDAM BARBATOS’.

All of these are still for the sake of consistency.

BLOG: Good Smile Company – GSA New Arhan

Good Smile Company currently has a triad of releases tied to the 2014 feature Expelled From Paradise. This includes figma Angela Balzac, PLAMAX Frontier Setter, and GSA New Arhan.

Both Old and New Arhan models can transform from an ovid storage to robot mode. As such, Good Smile uploaded a video to highlight this perfect transformation. That said, this collector can’t really remember whether a shell-only part separates that for this figure, turns into a display base.

Other than that, this figure features superb detail & paintwork with over 20 points of articulation, and includes the plethora of weapons it used in the movie.

BLOG: Max Factory – PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter

Max Factory - PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter Good Smile Company currently has a triad of releases tied to the 2014 feature Expelled From Paradise. This includes GSA New Arhan, figma Angela Balzac, and PLAMAX Frontier Setter.

While figmas are technically non-scale figures, this 1/12 model kit fits perfectly in scale with the upcoming Angela Balzac release. The kit is snap fit and comes molded in color though it does come with stickers for those finer details (hopefully NOT as sticker-heavy as PLAMAX Bravenwolf X). It will also include an alternate red head part which when used requires painting the kit in a darker color scheme.

  • PLAMAX 1/12 Frontier Setter
    Release Information: May 2016 · ¥3,982
    Article via Good Smile Company

Those hollow parts look really bad though, time to learn how to use putty.


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