UPDATE #4010: Sci-Fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark 1

Sci-Fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark 1 MECHA CATALOGUE #4010

Non-Scale Action Figure

Kaiyodo (2013)


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BLOG: HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam

HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam Two new kits from the last episode of Gundam Build Fighters Try were revealed through various magazine scans, and the currently ongoing Gunpla Expo Japan Tour 2015 Fukuoka. First is the HGBF Dom R35, and the other is the HGBF Lightning Zeta Gundam as seen.

Carefully looking at the released image shows that this isn’t just a remold of the original HGUC Zeta Gundam. This kit uses joints that are different from the original release, suggesting that either this is an extensive remold of the Lightning Gundam, or its possibly a remold of a future HGUC Zeta Gundam (Revive). similar to how the Gundam Amazing Red Warrior is a remold of the upcoming HGUC Gundam (Revive).

BLOG: E2046 Garage Kit Contest 2015 – Submission Gift

E2046 Garage Kit Contest 2015 - Updates E2046’s Garage Kit Contest is still in full swing and is still pretty much accepting entries. Registration and submission of entries is until May 31, 2015 and for everyone who submits will receive a US$5.00 cash coupon for any item within the store.

As previously mentioned, there are three categories for this contest — Figure, Robot, and Diorama. There’s still more or less a month away before the deadline so those who wanted to join can read the rules here.

BLOG: Gunpla Expo Japan Tour 2015 Fukuoka – HGCE Freedom Gundam

Gunpla Expo Japan Tour 2015 Fukuoka - HGCE Freedom Gundam Gunpla Expo (Gundam Plamodel Exposition) Japan Tour 2015 is being held across Japan for the whole year and features upcoming Gunpla from Bandai Hobby Division. It’s currently in Fukuoka from April 24 to May 6. [Official Website]

The HG All Gundam Project produced HG Gunpla of titular mobile suits that didn’t have modern HG incarnations at that time. This time around, it seems like the HG Revive campaign focuses on updating old HG kits with modern standards.

Next in line is the HGCE Freedom Gundam and it looks a ton better than the old High Grade thanks to its MG-esque proportions and additional details. Hope this kicks off more HGCE releases. (HGCE Force Impulse Gundam!)

  • HGCE Freedom Gundam
    Release Information: TBD
    Image via TAG Hobby

BLOG: threeA – Metal Gear REX [Half-Size Edition]

threeA Metal Gear REX [Half-Size Edition] Three years ago, threeA opened pre-orders to probably one of their most sought-after products — Metal Gear REX. It has everything a fan of the franchise, and the machine, would want. It’s also quite large and expensive as well.

To those who were on the fence due to the price and foot print, threeA has got you covered. They’ll be releasing Metal Gear REX [Half-Size Edition]. And by half-size, they meant the following — Rail Gun Length: 29.45cm; Resting Height: 20.95cm; Width: 18.68cm.

It will also retain the same gimmicks like its larger counterpart, plus included articulation.

  • Metal Gear REX [Half-Size Edition]
    Pre-order Information:
    April 23, 2015 9:00AM (UTC+8) · $230
    Article via CollectionDX

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