BLOG: Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I – 90-Second Promotional Video #2

Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I
Blue-Eyed Casval

Worldwide Premiere
February 28, 2015

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BLOG: GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 Ver.

GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project 2014 Ver. Last February 2014, Shoji Kawamori (Macross Frontier) released a bunch of illustrations featuring a concept Super GT car that transforms into a Hatsune Miku-based robot.

After gaining popularity, Good Smile is turning this concept into (toy) reality by releasing a transforming figure as part of their new GearTribe line.

The car is at 1/24 scale and is about 170mm long, and when transformed, it ‘mass shifts’ into a 275mm robot. It also features a half-transformed Gerwalk-esque mode, which also invokes the look of Big Foot Players from Basquash, another Kawamori series.

  • GearTribe Hatsune Miku GT Project
    2014 Ver.

    Release Information: April 2015 · ¥8,000
    Images via Good Smile Online Shop

BLOG: Play Imaginative – Super Alloy IRON MAN Mark XLII

Play Imaginative - Super Alloy Iron Man Mark XLII After numerous delays, including this collector cancelling his own pre-orders, Play Imaginative has finally given a more definite release schedule for this figure. Play Imaginative has admitted this themselves and are making the necessary actions to mitigate this moving forward.

That said, this figure looks great. Made from 75% die cast metal, Iron Man Mark XLII will feature 20 points of articulation, LED light up eyes and arc reactor, and a bunch of option/effect parts including a set of battle-damaged armor.

  • Super Alloy IRON MAN Mark XLII
    Release Information: Dec. 2014 · ¥14,040
    Article via Play Imaginative

With Play Imaginative going streamlined, will the craziness they displayed in New York Comic-Con 2013 ever happen?

UPDATE #2012 (Redesignated): HGUC Gundam GP01

High Grade Universal Century

1/144 Scale Model Kit

Bandai (2000)

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
—Stardust Memory—

MECHA CATALOGUE | Collection Index

BLOG: Bandai Hobby Pro-Shop Exclusive – HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms

HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms Remember the Full Armor Uniron Gundam, the mobile suit that redefined the ‘Full Armor’ concept to just slapping a bunch of weapons to the back of a mobile suit? Well it seems like this thing is an offshoot of that.

The next Bandai Hobby Pro-Shop exclusive is the HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms. The set is mainly composed of the HG Gundam Dynames, HGBC Gunpla Battle Arm Arms, and six weapon sets coming from last year’s HG Customize Campaign.

Much like any web store exclusive, those outside Japan may have to use some middleman service to get a hold of this kit.

  • HGBF Gundam Dynames Arm Arms
    Release Information: Dec. 2014 · ¥2,160
    Images via Gundam.Info

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